• Speedy Web Development using Ruby on Rails

    Get versatile apps developed faster & launched quicker at a fraction of the usual cost.

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  • Realtime App and Mobile API with Node.js

    Node.js is a software platform for scalable server-side and networking applications.

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  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive Website Design intuitively knows what screen size your customers are using and adjusts content and page elements accordingly.

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Web Development with Ruby on Rails

Masymbol uses Ruby on Rails (RoR) to build versatile web applications that are developed and launched quickly. This also significantly lowers overall costs. RoR programming is a popular open-source web framework that enables RoR programmers to write elegant code much faster than using other programming languages.

Our senior RoR developers are also adept in using Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, HTML and jQuery.

We do end-to-end RoR development from UI design to server configuration and setup to deployment scripting and up to automated testing. We ensure that the ROR web development you get from us turn into the best result you are expecting from a genuine and experienced RoR web development company.

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Responsive Web Design with RoR

We design websites using responsive ROR web design structure that fits perfectly. It is all about making a designed page that will work for all devices like desktop, mobile, tablet and any display device. Once our ruby ROR team designs your website, it will be intelligent to respond to fit the device’s screen size. Responsive website design intuitively knows what screen size your customers are using and adjusts content and page elements accordingly.

We improve your website with responsive design and it will turn optimized at user’s browsing experiences. The design is a great example for creative, flexible and responsive web page. Our RoR web design team knows everything to present you with the most attractive yet responsive web layout that helps your business grow.

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Single Page Apps with AngularJS

We use AngularJS to develop fast, declarative and dynamic front-end development based on RoR programming. AngularJS is a piece of solution programming in the overall puzzle of building the client-side of a web application. It handles all of the DOM and AJAX glue code you once wrote by hand and puts it in a well-defined structure based on RoR development.

We will build a CRUD app in a cohesive set: data-binding, basic templating directives, form validation, routing, deep-linking, reusable components, dependency injection and other things. Our RoR developers use AngularJS-Rails gem which is a simple AngularJS wrapper for Rails for creating better web applications in client side programming. AngularJS pre-compile angular application templates into the template cache. It helps in cancelling the need for repeated Ajax calls.

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Our Services

We are your one-stop shop for web design and RoR application development. Our team of developers are experienced RoR programmers and data specialists to create highly versatile web applications that fit the best with your requirements to deliver impactful results every time.

Website Design & Development with RoR

We do end-to-end website development covering UI design, server configuration & setup, deployment scripting, and automated testing. Our RoR projects follow the responsive web design approach and use the latest in available technologies such as Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Backbone.js. […]

App/Software Development with RoR

The Masymbol team follows agile software development methods in RoR (Ruby on Rails) developments. In all our RoR development and other software development projects we maintain higher flexibility and scalability. We involve you in every step so you get a clear handle of the progress and how your idea is taking shape. Our programmers primarily use Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Backbone.js. […]

Ruby on Rails

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    Aaron, +EvPoker

  • “Terrific job, Masymbol!”

    Kevin Gilpin Conjur, Inc


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