Technology Migration

Technology Migration - Masymbol
Technology Migration

Masymbol Technologies has been assisting corporates to migrate their applications from one technology to the other/latest emerging technologies and platforms. Migration from one technology platform to another helps in avoiding maintenance issues, performance and reliability constraints with other such factors. We have a team of experts who have in depth knowledge in application migration. Right from elementary migration to a multi-layered migration, we can do the things in the perfect processes applicable. We have already worked on migrating applications to newer platforms, which include .Net, Cloud and various other platforms.

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Some benefits of technology migration
  • Mitigate business risks that can occur due to technology drawbacks
  • Improvised systems performance to speed up work flow
  • Minimize system dependencies to get flexibility at work
  • Increased data portability to make data secure in better way
  • Reduce ownership costs by choosing the most affordable solution
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies using latest technology functionality
  • Enhanced technical support to come out of burdensome slow supporting system

Masymbol migration services

  • Application Migration and Modernization
  • Application Server Migration
  • ASP.Net Application Migration to other platforms
  • Java / J2EE Application Migration
  • Enhydra Application Migration (Java 1.4 to 1.6 utilizing Springs, JPA)
  • VB6 to .NET Migration
  • Application Migration and Porting
  • Migrating to Cloud Platform

How we assess before migration

  • Complete in depth Application portfolio analysis
  • Proper effort estimation process on the basis of application portfolio analysis
  • Detailed identification of migration issues
  • Complete document all important activities to be done

How we perform on migration

  • Prepare a broad migration strategy
  • Define different views on TO-BE migration architecture
  • Perform Proof Of Concepts to make sure flawless process
  • Proper code migration steps taken to avoid bugs
  • Prepare a test strategy to remove bugs & come out with expected results
  • Develop / Migrate source code to reach the expected output
  • Re-write non migrated code to fix/avoid probable issues
  • Develop unit tests to come out with perfect solution
  • Perform migration step by step following strategy fixed
  • Build all types of deployment artifacts, including scripts etc.