Ruby On Rails Development

One of our expertises is application development using Ruby on Rails (RoR), which runs via the Ruby programming language. We have an expert team of RoR programmers who are knowledgeable in working this popular framework into a wide range of applications to suit customer’s needs. We also use several other specialized tools as enhancements for our RoR outputs.

We are committed to deliver sustainable solutions that stand superior in quality. On the other hand, we also provide advanced support for developments in this open source technology. Our expert RoR developers can program systems tailored to meet all specific business needs. Our team of RoR programmers has become experts handling multiple projects that cover all most all the spectrum of RoR in terms of varying application developments for varied industries.

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Some of Our Services
  • RoR application development
  • RoR based web application for product development
  • Porting and migration
  • QA/testing services
  • RoR based CMS development
  • Blogs, widgets and social networking site development with RoR
  • RoR e-commerce application development
  • Support and maintenance for RoR developments

Some of the technologies and systems we use

Masymbol team of RoR developers are experienced at RoR application developments. We are habituated in using every possible sphere in Rails development. Being a leading RoR development company our Rails projects come from across the globe. The technologies we use bring the most perfect outputs. Similarly, RoR development systems are loaded with the latest and necessary tools and utilities. These help in smooth performance of RoR based application development. Some technologies and systems are only mentioned below:

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  • Rails 2.3.12 , Rails 3.x.x & Rails 4.x.x
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • CoffeScript
  • HAML
  • SASS
  • Support and maintenance for RoR developments
  • Development Tools (Based on project Requirements)
  • Rails Framework
  • Github
  • DBMS Clients (Based on project Requirements)
  • Capistrano Deployment (Based on Project/client requirements)
  • Apache-Passenger Server
Database we work with
  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
Tool Editors
  • Sublime
  • Aptana
  • RubyMine
  • Netbeans

The Industries we frequently work with

Masymbol has become habituated in developing mixed applications based on Ruby on Rails platform. Every time we find clients are coming from different type of industries and we prepare our developments for catering different types of requirements. Few of the key areas where we have expertise in are as follows:

  • Social Networking
  • Blogs & Widgets
  • Medical Service
  • Ad-Media
  • Job Portals
  • Gamming
  • Real Estate websites

When as a customer you will be expecting the best applications developed, we must be aware of one thing that are required to build applications without versatility of knowledge. This is why our knowledge range spans from Relation databases, Key-value storages, Proxy, Application servers, JavaScript eco system, objective CSS and HTML5, to Messaging systems. This is why, once you ask Masymbol for development of your projects, you are certain to get the best output with the best technology and platform in use – Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails
  • Prototype development for MVP
  • Any third party integration with API
  • Social network integration - facebook, twitter, linkedin and others
  • Secure database access
  • Integrate with AngularJS, Ember and Backbone frameworks
  • Production server setup in any cloud hosting
  • Live application with unicorn, nginx, passenger and apache

  • Deployment with capistrano for cloud
  • Integrate with Heroku for test and development environment
  • Add dynamic SEO tags for optimized search engine
  • Pair programing to produce higher quality development
  • Build custom Rails API to accessible from mobile devices
  • Front end design with bootstrap, SASS, CSS3 and HTML5

Rails Advances
  • Rapid development within budget
  • Huge ecosystem and community
  • Elegant, powerful, dynamic, readable and concise
  • Convention over configuration
  • Don’t repeat yourself
  • Agile practices with TDD and BDD
  • Security to prevent sql-injection and cross site scripting

  • Reuse of code
  • Object relation mapping
  • Easy deployment for PaaS based cloud
  • Seamless integration for sass, haml and bootstrap
  • Build Domain specific languages
  • Well structured code - easy to maintenance

Excellent developers. Had to cut back on the budget but I would hire them again anytime! Highly recommended!

Shida Schubert, Pashadelic

Masymbol is very good and talented team, I look forward to working with them again

Aaron, +EvPoker

Terrific job, Masymbol.

Kevin Gilpin, Conjur, Inc

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