IT Application Security

IT Application Security - Masymbol
IT Application Security

Newer things are added in the digital businesses, security threats are going dynamic. Particularly the disruptive technologies like mobile, social, cloud have been increasingly giving challenges to security applications available for the time. The point is that these technologies will continue to add complexity and security application developer have to drive the security processes compliance to the impending challenges. Online businesses need to protect their IT infrastructure and information assets. Masymbol team of security application service is alert to deliver enterprise security, risk management and situational awareness services using in-depth strategies, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

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Some of the challenges in IT security

  • Intensified threat landscape from premeditated attacks
  • Managing business agility without compromising security aspect
  • Maintaining to stringent regulatory compliance, privacy and laws
  • Continuing operational efficiency mitigating risk factors

Security transformation services

Security Governance, risk & compliance

  • Risk & policy determination
  • Compliance guidance maintenance
  • Governance according to requirement
  • Risk management meeting the compliance

Identity access & data security

  • Identifying federation
  • Web access management
  • Single-sign-on authentication system
  • Provisioning and directory security
  • Access governance process
  • Data loss prevention system
  • Information risk management
  • Acting on PIC and masking

Threat management & app security

  • Vulnerability assessment system
  • Penetration testing process
  • Web application firewall creation
  • Apps and device security & remediation
  • Network/data base security system

End point & cyber security

  • End point, perimeter, gateway security
  • Proper log monitoring to identify threats
  • Arranging security event and incident

Advanced protection & security

  • Social, mobile, analytics and cloud security
  • Malware protection system
  • Proactive risk management system

Our 24X7 security services

Level 1 - managed security services

  • Security device management
  • Log monitoring and management
  • security event management
  • Vulnerability management

Level 2 - managed security services

  • IT risk compliance - archer
  • User access management through audit and assurance
  • Application security & threat management

Level 3 - managed security services

  • File integrity management
  • Integrated data base security
  • Advanced malware security
  • Network forensics