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Travel & Hospitality

In present day scenario it is necessary to access real-time information that supports to connect you with customers. Masymbol provides travel and hospitality companies next-generation IT solutions. We have expertise in mainframe, web services-oriented architecture, advanced analytics, mobile apps and cloud technology usages that help businesses manage complex and mission-critical processes smoothly to reach customers better; rather it is the most effective process today.

Masymbol helps travel and hospitality businesses with:

  • Airline management - planning, marketing, sales and distribution, fulfillment
  • Airline operations and cargo management system
  • Car rental systems - integrate fleet, revenue, reservations system
  • Front office operations & customer information management
  • Hospitality IT Solutions - property management, hotel registration & reservation
  • Booking portals, travel shopping engines and timeshare holiday systems
  • Travel and distribution solutions for developing and selling travel packages

Some of custom solutions:

  • Integrated travel information system development
  • Detailed customer survey application system
  • Content management solutions for travel and hospitality business
  • Document management systems for customer records
  • Travel and hospitality accounts and billing systems

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Why rely on Masymbol Healthcare services:

  • Data accuracy for reliability in all the processes
  • Utmost data security in almost all the required cases
  • Highly functional & secure access with authentication system
  • Highly effective & interactive user interface development

  • Web 2.0 technology based solution for matching trend of the time
  • Integration of all the process with cloud architecture
  • Ability to track and implement industry standards