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For every business owner involved in education industry, must think for better administration & learning management with the help of latest technology solution. Masymbol is here to help men involved in education industry. We have our own and also provide custom education related digital solutions. You need it we serve it.

Education industry is leveraging the internet to gear up to offer better access, convenience and flexibility for learning. Complete digital management of education has been possible because of usage of technologies Software as a Service, server side languages, Flash animation and AJAX to name a few only. We are also using mature open source infrastructure in making administration and management of education business a reality.

The major segments we serve are:

  • Digital software for independent education vendors
  • Management software for schools and other education institutions
  • Enterprise level software for education business administration
  • Digital Records management
  • Mobile apps for education business
  • Online transaction management for educational institutes
  • E-learning solutions Institutions
  • Digitization learning/education Data
  • Library management software

Why rely on Masymbol Healthcare services:

  • Data accuracy for reliability
  • Utmost data security
  • Highly functional & secure access with authentication
  • Highly effective & interactive user interface development
  • Web 2.0 technology based solution
  • Integration of education data to cloud architecture
  • Expertise of working with biometric data
  • Ability to track and implement standards education guidelines

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Some of custom solutions:

  • Detailed student management Apps
  • Content management solutions for education business

  • Accounts & billing management systems for education business