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Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Almost for all the businesses that deal with consumer packaged goods, face narrow profit margins, steep brand competition as they lack proper exposure to digital services. Due to not having proper digital presence they face lesser customer loyalty than what they had expected. To overcome these challenges use of technology is one of the best solutions. Masymbol works with enterprises to reshape their IT strategies for success in generating better business with consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Some of the solutions we serve with:

  • Supply chain management software
  • Trade promotion management system
  • Consumer relationship management
  • Integrated digital marketing campaign management
  • Solution for customer engagement to strengthen brand & loyalty
  • Managing ad campaigns & developing promotional strategies
  • Digital platform for collaborating with distributors and retailers
  • Identifying data-driven insights (analytics) for decision-making
  • Solution for improving sales force productivity

Some of custom solutions:

  • Integrated CPG Information System
  • Detailed CPG Survey Application system
  • Content Management Solutions for CPG
  • Document Management Systems
  • CPG Accounts and Billing Systems

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Why rely on Masymbol CPG services:

  • Data accuracy for reliability
  • Utmost data security
  • Highly functional & secure access with authentication
  • Highly effective & interactive user interface development

  • Web 2.0 technology based solution
  • Integration of CPG with cloud architecture
  • Expertise of working with customer data