• Social Media Analytics

    Analyzing social media data to know brand health and customer experience against any product or service

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  • Log Analytics

    Detailed Machine or server log analysis for knowing exact behavior of users cum visitors of any website, machine or network

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  • Smart Grid Analytics

    Sophisticated machine data analysis to get detailed energy consumption and customer behavior report of a Smart Grid environment

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  • IOT Data Analytics

    IOT Data Analytics - Effective Machine to Machine data analysis for smarter future

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Social Media Analytics

Masymbol brings a Social Media Analytics that helps you to catch the crazy string of social networks. While people would uses social media to share their sentiment, you can effectively get an accurate analysis for social media data to guide your business campaign and strategy in the right channels.

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Log Analytics

Today for establishing an appropriate business strategy, there is need to know the exact business performance scenario. Analytics reports help in preparing such dependable strategies. One of the analytics that help in preparation of proper business strategy is Log Analytics.

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Smart Grid Analytics

Masymbol analytical report helps to make full use of Smart Grid data. Our analytical information can be capitalized on planning Smart Grid investments. Our reports facilitate the key information and insights among utility departments.

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Rails Web Development

We are your one-stop shop for web design and RoR application development. Our team of developers are experienced RoR programmers and data specialists to create highly versatile web applications that fit the best with your requirements to deliver impactful results every time.

Website Design & Development with RoR

We do end-to-end website development covering UI design, server configuration & setup, deployment scripting, and automated testing. Our RoR projects follow the responsive web design approach and use the latest in available technologies such as Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Backbone.js. […]

App/Software Development with RoR

The Masymbol team follows agile software development methods in RoR (Ruby on Rails) developments. In all our RoR development and other software development projects we maintain higher flexibility and scalability. We involve you in every step so you get a clear handle of the progress and how your idea is taking shape. Our programmers primarily use Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Backbone.js. […]

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